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Timo Brunke + SR Playlist (2012)

Posted on 2014 08 17 in Video

There is now a playlist on YouTube with 9 samples from Timo Brunke and Scott Roller’s show “Der Übergang des Abendlands” (roughly The Passing of the Western World). Timo is, of course, a Slam poet who works in German, so an English audience would not be able to make much sense out of much of this, but the second and seventh numbers are purely musical… More information in English about the show here.

Tracklist (with the arrow button you can skip to the next sample in the playlist):

1. Der Übergang des Abendlandes [Timo/Scott] 2. Wayfaring Stranger [Scott] 3. Riesenstandort [Timo] 4. Die Zodiakiden (Excerpt) [Timo/Scott] 5. Die Kitesurferin (Excerpt) [Timo/Scott] 6. Primavera (Excerpt) [Timo] 7. Liebespendel [Scott] 8. RitzeRatze (Excerpt) [Timo/Scott] 9. Es geht wo rum (Mondfahrt) [Timo/Scott]

from: Der Übergang des Abendlandes (The Transition of the Western World) – a Brunke/Roller SlamJam – a Theaterhaus-Stuttgart production.

Text: Timo Brunke Music: Scott Roller (Cello/Elektronik)
Director: Klaus Hemmerle
Video (Camera/Editing/Production): Michi Meier ( and Niklas Zirkov (Camera)
Stage lighting and sound: Phillip Kannicht Shoot: in Theaterhaus T4, on 30 October 2011