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Harmonie59 – Harmony59

Posted by on 2013 05 16 in Text

HARMONIE59 logoHarmonie59 (Harmony59) is a platform for composers, musicians, sound designers, engineers – network for musical projects, interdisciplinary productions – Harmonie59 is made up of musicians with decades of experience working with authors, directors, choreographers, stage and costume designers, media artists of diverse goals and means, actors, dancers… Not to mention the obvious field of musical cinematography, a predestined application of Harmonie59’s natural potential. Compositions and improvisations for original, hi-quality and highly individual, entirely REALTIME realisations. Harmonie59 is an initiative of Roderik Vanderstraeten – harmonie59  and is celebrating its first project 2-5 May 2013 in the Tonetemple, Unterensingen (Germany) with Roderik, Scott Roller and Ole Schmidt, recording music for a current production of “Glaube, Liebe, Hofffnung” by the Staatstheater Nürnberg and more…