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Posted on 2018 04 29 in Audio, Harmonie59

Over the past five years, the musical collective HARMONIE59 (produced by Roderik Vanderstraten) has produced music for several theater productions, videos and films,  mostly as studio improvisations in collaboration with Scott Roller and a team of colleagues– which are available as albums on Bandcamp. H59 sessions have encompassed two to twelve musicians in a focused atmosphere of free exchange.

Harmonie59 on Bandcamp:

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Harmonie59: Anecdoche (2017)

Roderik Vanderstraeten (Sound Design/Gabolofon/Percussion/Effects)
Scott Roller (Cello/Electronics)
Sasha Shlain (Keys/Percussion/Electronics)
Christoph Sauer (Contra Bass/E Bass)
Claus Rosenfelder (Saxophone/Clarinet/Effects)
Susanne Resch (Saxophone)
Monika Golla (Samples/Electronics/Effects)
Steffi Müller (Vocal/Percussion/Effects)
Klaus Dietl (Visuals/Improvisation)Recorded at Kunstort ELEVEN Artspace – H59
Produced by Roderik Vanderstraeten
Logistics Frank Fierke
Technical Support Hees Audio
Assistant Audio Engineer Lucas Buczilowski (SAE-Stuttgart)

Released December 6, 2017 on Bandcamp:

More information on this session:


Harmonie59: Transit (2017)

Roderik Vanderstraeten (Piano, Electric Guitar, Rhodes, Sound Design)
Scott Roller (Cello)
Christoph Sauer (Contra Bass)

Produced and Recorded at Harmonie59
Roderik Vanderstraeten, 2017
Released September 13, 2017 on Bandcamp:

Harmonie59: Opia (2016/17)

Roderik Vanderstraeten (SoundDesign, Gabolofon, Percussion, Effects)
Scott Roller (Cello, Electronics)
Sasha Shlain (Keys, Percussion, Electronics)
Christoph Sauer (Contra Bass/E Bass)
Claus Rosenfelder (Saxophone, Clarinet, Effects)
Susanne Resch (Saxophone)
Monika Golla (Samples/Electronics/Effects)
Steffi Müller (Vocals, Percussion, Effects)
Klaus Dietl (Visuals/Improvisation)

Recorded at Kunstort ELEVEN Artspace – H59
Produced by Roderik Vanderstraeten
Logistics Frank Fierke
Technical Support Hees Audio
Assistant Audio Engineer Lucas Buczilowski (SAE-Stuttgart)

Released February 26, 2017 on Bandcamp:

Harmonie59: Jouska (2016)

Roderik Vanderstraeten (Baglama, Ac Guitar, Electronics & Percussion)
Scott Roller (Mandocello, Cello & Electronics)

Recorded at Kunstort ELEVEN artspace – H59
Produced by Roderik Vanderstraeten

Released August 15, 2016 on Bandcamp:



Harmonie59: Music for Hermanstadt (2015)

Film music for “Hermanstadt” by Kristian Breitenbach
(More information and a link to the film on the Bandcamp page)

Roderik Vanderstraeten (Sounddesign, Ac.Guitar, Electronics)
Scott Roller (Cello)
Recorded at Kunstort ELEVEN artspace
Produced by Roderik Vanderstraeten

Released April 1, 2015:

Harmonie59: Circulus Vitiosus (Vicious Circle, 2013)

Roderik Vanderstraeten (Sounddesign, Gabolofon, Ac. Guitar, Piano, Fretless Bass, Percussion, Electronics)
Scott Roller (Cello, Electronics)
Ole Schmidt (Saxophon, Clarinet)

Produced by Roderik Vanderstraeten
Recorded at Tonetemple
Audio Engineering Stefan Hees

Released March 15, 2015 on Bandcamp: