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Fjutscherdeutsch, 2015/16 – w/ Timo Brunke

Posted on 2016 02 6 in Audio, Collaborations, iOS, SR Compositions

2016_Fjutscherdeutsch_In December 2010 several mutual friends brought Scott together with the multi-faceted brilliant German Spoken-word artist and poet Timo Brunke as EmCees for an awards event at the Theaterhaus Stuttgart, and they have since collaborated intensely on a variety of projects  – most notably two full-length two-man shows: Der Übergang des Abendlandes, 2011 (The Transition of the Western World – a commission from the Theaterhaus, Stuttgart) and Ein Abend mit dem Herrn Sensenmann, 2013 (An Evening with the Grim Reaper – a commission of the Palliative Care Network).

Timo Brunkes Texte treffen auf Scott Rollers iOS-Musik.

Scott Roller:

Around 2010, Timo started collecting material for something he called FJUTSCHERDEUTSCH (with a commission from the City of Stuttgart) and in 2012 he asked me to collaborate musically on the project. The idea was for a product of a contemporary, perhaps even trendy nature as an Internet format – potentially as podcast channel on a streaming service, but with potential for live performance. I decided to make the music for the project exclusively on iOS devices with a variety of music apps I had been experimenting with for a few months.

A great deal of material was generated on both sides during the next two years and in 2015 the process of sorting out, collating and shaping the material began. Starting with recordings made early December of Timo performing his pieces alone, I took my material (made for the most part in 2012/13 on an iPhone 3GS, often on trains or “in-between” places, sitting in a park, wherever…) and composed these first mixes mid-December 2015 to mid-January 2016. There are very many possibilities…

They are not really meant as entirely finished products, but certainly may be… They indicate the general method, feeling. tenor and scope of FJUTSCHERDEUTSCH (fyuchamusic): poetry & music with a touch of science fiction…