Scott Roller

Musician & Educator


Some of my personal favorite video and audio examples of my work:

Late in 2014, Gary Verkade made wonderful recordings of my two older compositions for organ which were written for him during our years together in Essen, Germany: FLUX (1987), and the 6-mvt work FIELDS & PLANES (1990). These have never been released and were made on a fantastic organ in Luleå Sweden.

Recently stumbled across a properly licensed version of my recording of Kaija Saariaho’s “Spins & Spells” (1996) for solo cello, which I recorded on an album of her chamber music with the Wolpe Trio in 2001. There are a LOT better versions of this piece out there now (by a LOT better cellist than myself), but I thought it was cool that someone coordinated it with the score and that it is apparently a legal version. Enjoy!

Found an apparently legal YouTube audio of CENDRES, the trio for alto flute, cello and piano that Kaija Saariaho wrote for us (Wolpe Trio) in 1998, which we recorded in 2001 for an album of her chamber music (on the Kairos label)…

Special thanks to Thomas Bitzer-Prill @ dig it! media for the production of videos of the whole Spannungsfeld concert on the 23rd of November 2017.

25/26 October 2013 I made recordings of my cello solo contributions to a dance event with Christine Brunel and two members of her company. I was not aware at the time that these two days in the Machinenhaus in Essen would be my last project with Christine, who unfortunately died on 27 April 2017. I returned to these tracks a week before her death, unaware of her imminent passing.

The microphone set-up in these live recordings was such, that the cello was directly miked and a stereo mix of the ambience in the large brick structure was also recorded.
The three FOOTPRINTS tracks result from the superimposition of two performances of the same improvisation structure with Christine, with little post-production intervention. I always wanted to come back to these recordings to try this, and I like it.
The fourth track, INCANTATION (The Fourth Column) is the finale of a production called VIER SÄULEN, for two dancers and cello solo (which juxtaposed 3 Ricercare von Domenico Gabrieli and improvisations). In this mix there is some chorus on both the live cello and the ambiance.