Scott Roller

Musician & Educator


Open_Music e.V. is a non-profit organization in Stuttgart, Germany which was founded in 2005 by Scott Roller and a group of colleagues. It is a platform, not only for musical improvisation, but for creative collaborations between all art forms, especially in educational projects with people of all ages, school forms and cultural heritage.

Open_Music has been awarded a wide range of prizes and distinctions by city, state and national agencies and has enjoyed generous support from both governmental and private sources. Since 2012 it has been institutionally supported by the City of Stuttgart.

Further information (albeit in German) on their website:

In September 2019 a further website called Open_Music Resources will go online, which should include proper information in English.

Scott Roller re-assumed leadership of Open_Music in 2019 after several years of only offering workshops and performances. The mission and methods of Open_Music have been central in his educational work for more than 20 years and the development of new projects and formats is currently a personal priority.