Scott Roller

Musician & Educator

DeepMind Streams

Posted on 2020 03 1 in Audio, SR Compositions

On 22.01.2020 I improvised four continuous streams of evolving sound, all based on a single, very beautifully complex arpeggiator (Gianni’Arp) spinning out my input on a Behringer DeepMind 12. It was like painting on a very long canvas – where I could let things run on as long as I liked and then shape subtly or radically. On 02.02.2020 I edited the developments into a contiguous playlist with the aim of isolating the various stages, where “new states” are reached in the course of the whole proliferations (for further use).

Playlist appears in chronological sequence in which it was recorded. Each stream is produced 1:1 without any multitracking since I did not only want to make recordings but train for live performance…

The last piece “The FiveFold Field” was improvised 22.02.2020 in five passes with a Korg Minilogue using the factory patch 006 “FilterMotion.”