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Harmonie59 on Bandcamp

Gepostet am 2018 04 29 in CDs, Collaborations, Harmonie59

Over the past five years, the musical collective HARMONIE59 (produced by Roderik Vanderstraten) has produced music for several theater productions, videos and films,  mostly as studio improvisations in collaboration with Scott Roller and a team of colleagues– which are available as albums on Bandcamp. H59 sessions have encompassed two to twelve musicians in a focused atmosphere of free exchange.

Harmonie59 on Bandcamp:

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SR: Two Multitrack Sessions for Cello solo (2017)

Gepostet am 2017 04 19 in Audio, Solo, SR Kompositionen

The two tracks are as I „finished“ mixing them today. The are the result of two recordings sessions: one 21 Jan 2017 in Ludwigsburg with Luis Schöffend (_reFUSEmix_) and the other 1 March 2017 in Stuttgart with Philip Kannicht (Love’s Pendulum). More information on SoundCloud.


SR: Zwei Kompositionen (sieben Stücke) für Orgel (für Gary Verkade)

Gepostet am 2017 03 17 in Audio, SR Kompositionen

In spät-2014, Gary Verkade hat zwei von meinen (älteren) Stücken für Orgel aufgenommen: FLUX (1987) und das sechs-sätzige FIELDS & PLANES (1990). Beide Kompositionen entstanden in der Zeit als Gary und ich in Essen wohnten und eine Vielzahl interessante Projekte miteinander machten. Aufgenommen hat er die Stücke auf einer wunderbaren Orgel in der Technische Universität in Luleå, ganz im Norden von Schweden. Diese Aufnahmen werden erst jetzt veröffentlicht.


SR: T’ai – Moon Mantra for Peace (2000/2016)

Gepostet am 2016 11 19 in Audio, SR Kompositionen

When 9/11 happened, I was writing a chorale framework as a sort of prayer for peace for variable instrumentation – and we used it in various contexts. In this world between Obama and Trump, I thought this might be a good time to share it.

In its most basic form, the outside voices enter as far apart as they can be and in 24 steps approach one another to finally meet. And again – and again – and again.



Fjutscherdeutsch, 2015/16 – w/ Timo Brunke

Gepostet am 2016 02 6 in Audio, Collaborations, iOS Musik, SR Kompositionen

In December 2010 several mutual friends brought Scott together with the multi-faceted brilliant German Spoken-word artist and poet Timo Brunke as EmCees for an awards event at the Theaterhaus Stuttgart, and they have since collaborated intensely on a variety of projects  – most notably two full-length two-man shows: Der Übergang des Abendlandes, 2011 (The Transition of the Western World – a commission from the Theaterhaus, Stuttgart) and Ein Abend mit dem Herrn Sensenmann, 2013 (An Evening with the Grim Reaper – a commission of the Palliative Care Network). Now there is FJUTSCHERDEUTSCH.

 Timo Brunkes Texte treffen auf Scott Rollers iOS-Musik.