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Audio: SR T’ai – Moon Mantra for Peace (2000/2016)

Gepostet von am 2016 11 19 in Audio, SR Kompositionen

When 9/11 happened, I was writing a chorale framework as a sort of prayer for peace for variable instrumentation – and we used it in various contexts. In this world between Obama and Trump, I thought this might be a good time to share it.

In its most basic form, the outside voices enter as far apart as they can be and in 24 steps approach one another to finally meet. And again – and again – and again.



Audio: Gary Verkade – SR Flux Revisited (1987/2015)

Gepostet von am 2015 08 19 in Audio, Collaborations, SR Kompositionen

A brand-new recording by Gary Verkade of my old composition Flux for organ (1987) – on a wonderful-sounding instrument in northernmost Sweden late in 2014 – was the occasion for me to hear this old piece again after many years and remember that I had composed a whole range of modules written out on paper and then distributed on the page at will and fixed in place.

Hearing that fine recording of the material anew, I realised that I could return the fragments to their original free state and let them re-combine freely by using a shuffle mode to play the samples, or make new orderings of the material or use it further in performances…

Listen on Soundcloud by hitting the Soundcloud icon upper right – there you can activate shuffle mode and much better see what he is currently playing.


Video: SR Four Axes String Trio (2011)

Gepostet von am 2014 11 15 in Open_Music, SR Kompositionen, Videos

Die Uraufführung von Scott Rollers FOUR AXES für Streichtrio am 24. November 2011 in der Staatsgalerie Stuttgart beim dritten jährlichen Open_Music Konzert in der Reihe „Spannungsfeld: Komposition-Improvisation.“ Das Konzert fand in Zussammenarbeit mit der Staatsgalerie Stuttgart und mit der Unterstützung vom Kulturamt der Stadt Stuttgart und Netzwerk Süd staat.

Es spielt das Open_Music Streichtrio: Ulrike Stortz, Violin / Katherina Friederichs, Viola / Scott Roller, Cello und Komposition Kamera: Felix Zachmann / Audio: Scott Roller