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CD: Blind Date Quartet (2012)

Posted by on 2012 08 16 in CDs

The debut CD of the BLIND DATE QUARTET is finally available on John Hollbeck’s GPE Records label  and will be distributed by Timezone. Physical CDs are available at least in Europe and the album will be available worldwide for download on most of the usual platforms since July 2012.

The quartet celebrated this event with a concert in the Exploratorium Berlin on Sunday, June 3rd at 9 p.m.[Mehringdamm 55, 1. Hof, 3. OG, 10961 Berlin (Kreuzberg): Tel. (030) 84 72 10 52].

Blind Date Quartet is a free-improvising ensemble made up of Angelika Sheridan (flutes), Ulrike Stortz (violin), Scott Roller (cello) and John Hollenbeck (percussion), all musicians who have been active as soloists, composers, and ensemble players in a wide variety of renowned formations spanning the entire spectrum of musical styles and non-styles ranging from classical and contemporary chamber music through myriad variants of jazz on to world music and everything in-between and beyond.

Their interactions are characterized by breathtaking reactions, startling combinations and simultaneities, instantaneous changes of material and textures – all in a context of concentrated and unified development, a spinning-out of complex and convincing musical forms.

The name of the group derived from the first encounter of the ensemble for a concert in Berlin for the “Klangbildung” festival at the Exploratorium in May 2009, where Scott brought the other three musicians together (with whom he had already performed in various contexts) for the very first time shortly before the concert. The enthusiastic reception of that first concert was so overwhelming and the musicians’ joy at this new formation so profound that further concerts and recordings seemed inevitable. The material on this CD was recorded in the studio and live in a recording session and concert about three months later at The Loft in Cologne, Germany. Blind Date also underlines the spontaneous and surprising nature of the collective compositions created by the quartet.

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