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SR: Four Axes – String Trio (2011)

Posted on 2011 11 25 in Open_Music, SR Compositions, Video

The world-premier performance of Scott Roller’s FOUR AXES string trio on 24 November 2011 in the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart as part of the third annual Spannungsfeld: Komposition-Improvisation (Between Composition and Improvisation) concert series presented by Open_Music Stuttgart ( – German) in cooperation with the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart with support from the Kulturamt der Stadt Stuttgart, among others.

Open_Music String Trio: Ulrike Stortz, violin / Katherina Friederichs, viola / Scott Roller, cello and composition

Video: Felix Zachmann / Audio: Scott Roller

The comprovisation is a fantasy on the Bao Guo, the eight primary elements in the Chinese Book of Changes (Yi Jing), in the following order:
1) Zhen – The Arousing (Shock, Thunder) 2) Xun – The Gentle (Penetration, Wind/Wood) 3) Li – The Radiance (Light) 4) Kun – The Receptive (Space) 5) Dui – The Open (Joy, Pond) 6) Qian – The Creative (Energy) 7) Kan – The Abysmal (Gorge) 8) Gen – The Limitation (Keeping Still, Mountain)

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