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Harmonie59 on Bandcamp

Posted by on 2018 04 29 in Audio, Harmonie59

Over the past five years, the musical collective HARMONIE59 (produced by Roderik Vanderstraten) has produced music for several theater productions, videos and films,  mostly as studio improvisations in collaboration with Scott Roller and a team of colleagues– which are available as albums on Bandcamp. H59 sessions have encompassed two to twelve musicians in a focused atmosphere of free exchange.

Harmonie59 on Bandcamp:

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Audio: Music for Alice in Iconland (2012/13)

Posted by on 2014 03 16 in Audio, Harmonie59

ALICE IN ICONLAND Theaterhaus Stuttgart, Premiere 26 February 2013 Dance Theater for children from 10 years of age “Give me a name, give me a face, give me a picture of myself and hold on to me, before I change, put me in a frame…” (Roland Schimmelpfennig)

Choreography/Director: Nina Kurzeja Staging: Bernhard M. Eusterschulte Visuals: Uwe Kassai Music: Scott Roller und Roderik Vanderstraeten Light: Ingo Jooß Production management: Gordana Ancic With: Tom Baert, Asa Fanney Gestsdottir, Luis Hergón, Cedric Huss, Diane Marstboom, Kira Senkpiel, Scott Roller und Roderik Vanderstraeten.

Scott Roller in Alice in Iconland - Photo: Yakup Zeyrek

Photo: Yakup Zeyrek

Roderik Vanderstraeten in Alice in Iconland - Photo: Yakup Zeyrek

Photo: Yakup Zeyrek

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