MEMENTO MORI: 01 Sept. 2019

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MEMENTO MORI – 01 Sept 2019: A performance in the Johanneskirche in Stuttgart (Feuersee) on the 80th anniversary of the beginning of the 2nd World War (with the invasion of Poland in 1939). On 01 September 2019 I played two interludes for Cello, LiveFX & Playback in the impressive, voluminous Johanneskirche @Stuttgart-Feuersee. The program was to memorialize the 80th anniversary of the German invasion of Poland, which started the Second World War. The program was otherwise made up of three larger blocks of organ music played by Georg Ammon and the whole thing was sewn…

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SR: Gestrumental Moments In-flight (2013) These are single-pass realtime improvisations playing an iPad 4 running the App Gestrument 1.2.4 (by Jester Nordin/Jonatan Lihedahl, see ) to create music with a virtual orchestra with whom I had had quite good and rewarding rehearsal and preparation time... Look forward to working with the ensemble in the future! Several entries from "Gestrumental Moments" improvised in real time 31 July 2013 starting around noon Islandic time and rather near there, flying at about 10 km altitude between Frankfurt and Dallas. Good headphones and hardly anyone noticed a thing. Thanks to Jester and Jonatan (and to Apple, alas) for…

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Audio: BlindDate Quartet – Explo Berlin 2009

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  • Post category:Audio First encounter in this formation : Angelika Sheridan, flute/bass flute/voice; Ulrike Stortz, violin/voice; Scott Roller, Cello; John Hollenbeck, Drums/Percussion. Closing concert of the KLANGBILDUNG festival in the Exploratorium in Berlin-Kreuzberg.Special thanks to Matthias Schwabe who produced that festival. Pieces free-improvised in this order. In August 2009 this combination tracked in Cologne for a CD together: More info:

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