SR: T’ai – Moon Mantra for Peace (2000/2016)

When 9/11 happened, I was writing a chorale framework as a sort of prayer for peace for variable instrumentation - and we used it in various contexts. In this world between Obama and Trump, I thought this might be a good time to share it. In its most basic form, the outside voices enter as far apart as they can be and in 24 steps approach one another to finally meet. And again - and again - and again.

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SR: Gestrumental Moments In-flight (2013) These are single-pass realtime improvisations playing an iPad 4 running the App Gestrument 1.2.4 (by Jester Nordin/Jonatan Lihedahl, see ) to create music with a virtual orchestra with whom I had had quite good and rewarding rehearsal and preparation time... Look forward to working with the ensemble in the future! Several entries from "Gestrumental Moments" improvised in real time 31 July 2013 starting around noon Islandic time and rather near there, flying at about 10 km altitude between Frankfurt and Dallas. Good headphones and hardly anyone noticed a thing. Thanks to Jester and Jonatan (and to Apple, alas) for…

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