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Audio: Harmonie59 – Vicious Circle, 2015

Posted by on 2015 11 16 in Audio


Roderik Vanderstraeten released CIRCULUS VITIOSUS by Harmony59 (Rod with myself and Ole Schmidt) on the April 29th 2015 and I have selected a shorter list of my favourite tracks with one alternate take. More information on Soundcloud.

CIRCULUS VITIOSUS is the first Harmonie59 Project directed by Roderik Vanderstraeten (Gabolofon, Guitar, Bass, Percussion, Piano, Effects and Electronics) in collaboration with Scott Roller (Cello and Electronics) and Ole Schmidt (Clarinet and Bass Clarinet) recorded at the TONETEMPLE STUDIOS near Stuttgart in 2013. In 2015 the music material was arranged (with some additional tracks), remixed and remastered by Roderik Vanderstraeten. For any interests do not hesitate to contact him.
Here is Rovan’s full release: