Scott Roller

Musician, Educator, Writer & Other

Scott Roller


= Composer/Improviser Performer of electroacoustic music with
cello, mandocello, keyboards, voice, live electronics, &c.

= Live performances/studio productions – music for theater, dance, video, film, other media.

= Solo projects and collaborations with many different artists and ensembles,
especially with Harmonie59 (Roderik Vanderstraeten & Friends).


= Co-founder/director (2005 – 2015) of Open_Music e.V., an institutionally-funded platform for improvisation and contemporary music education in Stuttgart, Germany. Since 2016 on a consulting basis.

= Realization of music and collaborative arts projects in all school forms.

= Workshops/seminars for teachers, students & others, especially as improvisation education.

= Private cello instruction and ensemble coaching.


= Writings in German and English on musical and arts education, especially using improvisation.

= Preparation of teaching and performance material for teachers and students, both in words and in musical notation.

= Translation (German -> English) and copywriting in English on a wide range of subjects: information science in all forms, especially in musical applications, most other technological and industrial needs, whether technically, corporately or publically communicative in nature – advertising. Copywriting for press releases, program or liner notes, web publication and personal blogging.