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DeepMind Streams

Posted on 2020 03 1 in Audio, SR Compositions

On 22.01.2020 I improvised four continuous streams of evolving sound, all based on a single, very beautifully complex arpeggiator (Gianni’Arp) spinning out my input on a Behringer DeepMind 12. It was like painting on a very long canvas – where I could let things run on as long as I liked and then shape subtly or radically. On 02.02.2020 I edited the developments into a contiguous playlist with the aim of isolating the various stages, where “new states” are reached in the course of the whole proliferations (for further use).

Playlist appears in chronological sequence in which it was recorded. Each stream is produced 1:1 without any multitracking since I did not only want to make recordings but train for live performance…

The last piece “The FiveFold Field” was improvised 22.02.2020 in five passes with a Korg Minilogue using the factory patch 006 “FilterMotion.”

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In einem Boot – Freie Bühne Stuttgart (Music: SR+Mazen Mohsen)

Posted on 2019 09 20 in Collaborations

Upcoming performances of IN EINEM BOOT:

26. September 2019: 7 p.m.
Linden-Museum Stuttgart

02./03. Oktober 2019: 8 p.m.
Landesmuseum Württemberg
Altes Schloss

27. Oktober 2019: 7 p.m.
Friedenskirche Ludwigsburg

IN EINEM BOOT (In A Boat) is a collaboration with: Mazen Ragheb Mohsen (Syria – Oud/Guitar/Voice), Ramin Khoshbin (author/actor), Kathrin Heuer (direction), and Ismene Schell (production, actress) for the FREI BÜHNE STUTTGART which opened on 01 Feb 2019 in the Theater La Lune in Stuttgart.

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Rollermusic on Bandcamp

Posted on 2019 06 11 in Audio, Collaborations, Rollermusic

Yesterday, Scott Roller’s personal label, rollermusic went online with the first release: Music for & with Christine Brunel (2006-2013), a collection of six pieces for cello taken from two different shows that Scott developed with the French dancer Christine Brunel, who passed on 27 April 2017. This album is dedicated to her.

A wide variety of tracks and albums are in preparation for release on rollermusic in the coming months.

Cover: Music for/with Christine Brunel
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CD: Sandeep Bhagwati – Miyagi Haikus

Posted on 2019 03 16 in Audio, CDs

On January 10/11, the Open_Music Quartet (Felix Borel, violin; Scott Roller, cello; Jürgen Kruse, piano; Michael Kiedaish, percussion) had the pleasure of participating in Listen [Miyagi Haikus] in the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin – a two-day event in which several international ensembles presented their versions of this fascinating open composition by Sandeep Bhagwati and collaborated to create a new version for large ensemble. This 2-CD set with five versions of the piece was released on January 11th and since March 15 has been made available on all of the usual international marketplaces online.

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